Python Time&Date Manipulation for Data Scientists

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Industry skills you will learn and practice

  • Advanced time arithmetics
  • Working with different date and time formats
  • Using timestamps to filter datasets
  • Time series processing
  • Time units conversion
  • Analyzing the evolution of business-critical metrics

What will you find in each module?

  1. Theoretical introduction to the topic
  2. Applications in the industry
  3. Ready-to-reuse Python code examples using Pandas but also NumPy or SciPy
  4. Multiple explained coding exercises and interview questions based on real-life problems for you to practice

Who is this guide for?

  • Are you eager to learn about temporal data to excel in your career?
  • Do you know the basics of Python Data Manipulation?
  • Want to excel in solving real-life data science problems?
  • Are you a fresh data scientist who wants to make your life easier?
  • Want to access a repository of methods and solutions for time&date manipulation?

Then this guide is for you! Start learning here!

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