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Coding questions to jumpstart your career in data science

To Provide The Building Blocks For A Successful Career In Data Science

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"I received offers from Facebook, Bloomberg, and Zynga. Moreover, I had completed final round interviews with companies like Indeed, Lyft, and Salesforce. I practiced speaking out loud while solving coding questions using the method from the videos, and StrataScratch was just the perfect platform to practice and improve on real-world data query questions!"

Paul @ Facebook

"StrataScratch has been super helpful. I started with barely being able to finish an easy SQL query to no problem solving most of the medium level in just a few days."

Kyle @ Twitch

"Love the practice problems and solutions. They're so much to do on the platform that you'll get better over time. I felt so much more confident at work and at interviews because I had a lot of practice with StrataScratch."

Jenn @ Stripe

"StrataScratch and the community really helped me prep for the interview — I ended up getting the Data Scientist internship!",

Joe @ Microsoft

"I really wanted to get into data analytics and data science but never really understood the importance of SQL. I found out about StrataScratch and within a few days of using it I wanted to get a premium membership because the questions are really very realistic and I was asked similar questions in my coding and technical rounds. As a result, the platform really helped me gain confidence and helped me get comfortable with SQL queries. Would definitely recommend this to everyone."

Hemant R @ Credit Karma

"I just wanted to say that I think your platform is really great. I"ve been using it a lot lately, and I wish I found it sooner! I"ve used Leetcode but it"s not the same for the Data Science community. I am strong in SQL but have always struggled with Python, so your platform it"s really easy for me to apply my SQL logic to Python."

Anonymous Analyst @ Postmates
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Coding questions to jumpstart your career in data science

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