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Building Blocks To A Successful Career In Data Science

A community-driven platform for data scientists with exercises to help prepare you for your next interview or simply improve your analytical skills

With over 1000+ data science questions covering SQL and python, statistics, probability, modeling, product, and business cases from real companies, and the ability to work on our full-fledged coding platform, we provide the tools required to help data scientists improve their skillset, whether it's to prepare for an upcoming coding interview or learn advanced technical skills for your job.

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Practice with over 1000 exercises from real companies aligned to your industry

We believe that practice makes perfect and to be a good data scientist, you need to get ahead of the curve and practice with as many real-word problems as possible.

Become a complete data scientist and analyst with our collection of real interview questions and practice problems taken from top companies in industry

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Resources to help you improve your data science skills

Work with popular data science languages like python and SQL to solve our coding questions

Compare your solution with others and learn multiple new approaches

A full-fledged workstation to code like a professional data scientist

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Master advanced data science concepts for your career

Start off with any of these modules and practice with our repository of over 1000 exercises taken from real companies

SQL Clauses & Python Libraries

Learn popular data science languages and libraries like pandas and numpy for python

Comparison & Logical Operators

Learn to filter your data using and create subarrays using SQL and python operators

Aggregation Functions

Perform math operations using COUNT, SUM, AVG, GROUP BY, DISTINCT

Dealing With Data Types & Dates

Learn how to deal with dates, integers, floats, strings

Joining and Merging Multiple Datasets

INNER, LEFT, RIGHT, OUTER, SELF JOINS, JOINS and Merges with operators, JOINs with multiple keys to merge multiple datasets for both SQL and python

Window Functions, Rank Dense

Learn advanced sorting functions to perform calculations across a set of data rows that are somehow related to the current row

Writing Complex Code

Complex code like subqueries in SQL or masks in Python are tools for performing operations in multiple steps​

Data Wrangling with SQL and python

Achieve mastery by learning to programmatically transforming data into a format that makes it easier to work with, like modifying all of the values in a given column in a certain way, or merging multiple columns together

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Our users have invested in themselves to achieve their dreams

StrataScratch helped me get much better at SQL. I was faster and produced better quality analyses at work and got promoted!

Matthew K., currently at Bank of America

I was looking for a simple, easy to use interface where I could practice SQL interview questions. The best part of StrataScratch is that you just need to sign up and you have access to various datasets and questions with a user friendly interface. I wouldn't feel so confident tackling SQL questions during an interview without StrataScratch.

Saurabh K., offered position at Facebook

Love the practice problems and solutions. They're so much to do on the platform that you'll get better over time. I felt so much more confident at work at at interviews because I had a lot of practice with StrataScratch

Jenn B, currently in marketing at a large company and interviewing

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