" I would like to thank StrataScratch for helping me prepare for my data engineer interviews and I received offers from both Amazon and Meta! It really boosted my confidence level after practicing each of the questions, one of the best data science interview practice websites that I found with a great interface, sample solutions and tagging filters. Thank you again for building such an awesome platform and benefiting the wide data science community! "

Siqing @ Meta

"I received offers from Facebook, Bloomberg, and Zynga. Moreover, I had completed final round interviews with companies like Indeed, Lyft, and Salesforce. I practiced speaking out loud while solving coding questions using the method from the videos, and StrataScratch was just the perfect platform to practice and improve on real-world data query questions!"

Paul @ Facebook

"I really wanted to get into data analytics and data science but never really understood the importance of SQL. I found out about StrataScratch and within a few days of using it I wanted to get a premium membership because the questions are really very realistic and I was asked similar questions in my coding and technical rounds. As a result, the platform really helped me gain confidence and helped me get comfortable with SQL queries. Would definitely recommend this to everyone."

Hemant R @ Credit Karma

"StrataScratch has been super helpful. I started with barely being able to finish an easy SQL query to no problem solving most of the medium level in just a few days."

Kyle @ Twitch

"StrataScratch and the community really helped me prep for the interview — I ended up getting the Data Scientist internship!",

Joe @ Microsoft

"StrataScratch has been super helpful. I started with barely being able to finish an easy SQL query to no problem solving most of the medium level in just a few days."

Kyle @ Twitch

"I got feedback from the LinkedIn interview and I'm through the final round, and I kid you not, the feedback included the line "You showed advanced understanding of SQL". So needless to say, I've got StrataScratch to thank for that!"

Oli @ LinkedIn

"Love the practice problems and solutions. They're so much to do on the platform that you'll get better over time. I felt so much more confident at work and at interviews because I had a lot of practice with StrataScratch."

Jenn @ Stripe

"I was looking for a simple, easy to use interface where I could practice SQL interview questions. The best part of StrataScratch is that you just need to sign up and you have access to various datasets and questions with a user friendly interface. I wouldn't feel so confident tackling SQL questions during an interview without StrataScratch."

Saurabh @ Facebook

"I wanted to say thanks for creating a platform like StrataScratch that emphasizes learning and showcasing the logical thinking process during coding interviews. I'm happy to share that after watching the video solutions and consistently practicing on StrataScratch, I accepted an offer to work as a Data Scientist this summer at Amazon!"

Alex @ Amazon

"I just wanted to say that I think your platform is really great. I"ve been using it a lot lately, and I wish I found it sooner! I"ve used Leetcode but it"s not the same for the Data Science community. I am strong in SQL but have always struggled with Python, so your platform it"s really easy for me to apply my SQL logic to Python."

Anonymous Analyst @ Postmates

"StrataScratch is hands down the best platform if you are preparing for or am working as a data analyst/scientist/engineer. For me, the approach towards solving questions taught by the team on the Youtube channel helped me convey my thoughts clearly to the interviewer while solving the questions. Happy to share that I have gotten an offer from Amazon as a Data Analyst, and I am thankful to the StrataScratch team for helping me reach where I am."

Triman @ Amazon

"SQL is something that is super important and plays a key role in Data Analysis, and Strata scratch played a key role in mastering my SQL skills. I used to practice 2-3 SQL problems everyday. If I faced any issue with any problem, the discussion forum and solution with clear understanding cleared my barriers. This helped me in passing interviews of multiple companies."

Vikram @ Microsoft

"When I changed industries I taught myself SQL and python from a variety of sources like Youtube or Udemy. While there are many obvious ways to learn data science tools, there are not many ways to gauge and test your own comprehension of the material in realistic way. (The way you might actually be called upon to prove your abilities). This platform filled that gap during my journey to change careers. It's one thing to learn a language but it's another thing to be able to feel confident answering random interview questions. I highly recommend this service as part of your interview prep but also as part of a way to test your knowledge in general if you use any of these languages. It's pretty easy to use and portable due to being web based. I did it on an ipad for example. 10/10 would recommend to someone trying to break into tech."

Data Analyst @ LinkedIn

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