AI Chrome Extensions for Data Science: Streamlining Workflows

AI Chrome Extensions for Data Science

Here are eight AI Chrome extensions that data scientists will find helpful. Especially if they’re of the lazy sort that wants data science to work for them.

In today's digital age, data scientists are always on the lookout for tools that can streamline their workflows and enhance their productivity. One such avenue that has seen a surge in innovative tools is the Chrome browser extensions powered by Artificial Intelligence.

We’ll talk about eight such AI Chrome extensions, the same we already mentioned on our YouTube channel.

These extensions are:

  1. Data Miner
  2. Instant Data Scraper
  3. Table Capture
  4. Octotree
  5. SciSpace Copilot
  6. CodeSquire
  7. CatalyzeX
  8. Codeium

Extension #1: Data Miner or Data Scraper

This extension allows users to scrape data from web pages without the need for coding. It employs machine learning algorithms to identify and extract data from HTML web pages, allowing you to export data into any format you want, e.g., Excel, CSV, TSV.

Data Miner has the following features.

Data Miner AI Chrome Extension for Data Science

Why would you want to use this extension? As a data scientist, you will need data. Often, this data will come from web scraping. With Data Miner, you can say goodbye to building your own web scrapers.

Extension #2: Instant Data Scraper

Another data scraper is called Instant Data Scrapper. It is made by Web Robots.

Instead of using specific scripts for using specific websites, it uses AI to analyze the HTML structure of the page and extract the data based on that.

Here’s a demonstration of how this web scraper works.

Extension #3: Table Capture

As the name suggests, this extension is designed to deal with multiple datasets spread across multiple web pages. It allows you to copy and paste HTML tables that you grab from the pages and then convert them into Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, etc.

Table Capture AI Chrome Extension

This extension was built by George Mike. If you’re interested in some other non-data science Chrome extensions, you can find them on his site.

Extension #4: Octotree - GitHub Code Tree

Octotree is a must-have for those who frequently explore and review code on GitHub. It provides a tree-like interface, making it easier to navigate through repositories, view pull requests, and search for code swiftly. It’s almost like a file explorer for GitHub.

It’s especially useful in collaborative tasks. Its makers like to market it as GitHub on steroids, and you see the short demo below.

Extension #5: SciSpace Copilot

It’s an AI research tool that’ll explain scientific texts, math, and tables found in research papers, technical blogs, and other scientific literature.

SciSpace Copilot AI Chrome Extension

Extension #6: CodeSquire

It’s an AI code-writing assistant that will write the code for you — talking about lazy! CodeSquire can connect to your IDE, like Google Colab, Jupyter Notebooks, or PyCharm, read your shitty code and write a better one.

CodeSquire AI Chrome Extension

Speaking of Jupyter, it’s one of the ten most useful data analysis tools. So, you’ll be well advised to know how it (and other tools) can enhance your data analysis.

Extension #7: CatalyzeX

CatalyzeX extension helps you find and show the implementation code of any research paper on Google Scholar, PubMed, or any other site where you find research papers.

As you scroll down the page, you’ll see a black ‘Code’ button next to the papers where the implementation code is found. Now, you just click on that button, and you’ll see the implementation code.

CatalyzeX AI Chrome Extension

These can be object detection, recommendation systems, image analysis, text classification code – anything that people write data science research papers about.

CatalyzeX AI Chrome Extension for Data Science

Extension #8: Codeium

This is an AI code autocompletion extension for all IDEs. Codeium can connect directly to Jupyter and Colab notebooks. It can do tasks you’re too lazy to do yourself, such as writing the frigging code from start to end, autocompleting AI configuration (without you even reading the documentation), writing functions, generating unit tests, etc.

Codeium AI Chrome Extension


There they are – eight AI Chrome extensions that can streamline your data science workflows, making tasks more efficient and less time-consuming. Whether you're scraping data, navigating code repositories, or seeking autocomplete solutions for coding, these tools have got you covered.

You’ll for sure find them useful in your lazy data scientist career.

AI Chrome Extensions for Data Science

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