Why Learn SQL?


Do you want your online business to succeed? If yes, it is important that you understand your data perfectly. Well, SQL or Structured Query Language can help you with that. This popular programming language is used to pull information from a database.

Though SQL can’t be used to create web applications, it can interact with the relational database systems built into many applications. Knowing how to use SQL lets you retrieve just any kind of data you want to know about your customers and business. When the SQL language has so many benefits why not learn it?

Strata Scratch is a well-known online platform where you can learn SQL and enhance your analytical and marketing skills to a great extent. At Strata Scratch, you can practice SQL and Python with more than 40 problem sets. Isn’t it great?

In terms of marketing and data management, SQL has many advantages over traditional data programs. Suppose you have an Excel Spreadsheet containing every bit of data about your customers such as what plans they are on, when they sign up, how often they purchase your product/service, what marketing campaign they see. In short, every action they take on your website and within your application.

With the help of SQL, you can utilize this data to cohort analysis and see if your targeted audience is using your product more or less over time, to examine different marketing campaigns, to see what actions your users are taking and to figure out the demographics of your targeted audience – that will help you in creating ad campaigns targeting similar demographics.

As business departments are becoming more data-driven nowadays, learning SQL is quite important. Here at Strata Scratch, we teach you the fundamentals of writing SQL queries to pull and process your data.

We have designed our SQL guides and exercises specifically for marketing and business applications. Whether you are a newbie who wants to start the coding right away or an expert eager to learn the latest perspective in data analytics, we can serve you. Additionally, we go through the real-world business and case studies to better understand data-driven analytical methodologies. In short, with us, you can rest assured that you will build your confidence in SQL and data analytics.

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