Top SQL Interview Questions To Sail Through Interviews

Top SQL Interview Questions To Sail Through Interviews

SQL is a prerequisite skill for all those who are aiming for positions in the Data analytics domain. And like any other core topic, the SQL knowledge of a candidate is tested via written examinations, coding tests as well as interviews. Tackling them requires mastery over the subject, but SQL interview questions pose a different kind of threat than conventional SQL exercises or problems.

Tackling Interviews

Interviews, in general, are more stringent than conventional exams because of the nature of the process. Interviews are one on one interactions between the candidate and the examiner, and hence are harder to crack. More often than not, the person may be facing an interviewing board where you never know what's coming next. The level of stress in these situations is much higher and harder to handle. This is why many fail in cracking interviews.

SQL Interview Questions

SQL interviews come under the technical interview category and hence are purely based on the job and the expectations. Markers like personality and spirit take a back seat, and the interviewers judge the technical ability of the candidate first and foremost. Therefore, SQL interview questions are designed to test your knowledge on the subject, and also your ability to correlate the principles with field work, checking your practical application skills.

Types Of Questions

Since it is impossible to find what the interviewers might ask, it is easier to try and figure out what they look for in an employee. The apparent answers are knowledge of the subject and programming skills. So, SQL interview questions are set to measure those markers.

The “Theory” Questions

These are questions that can be considered as bookish knowledge, as these questions are generally about theory, definitions, classifications, and so on. Knowing this might not have a lot of practical value, but it shows that you have sufficiently broad knowledge about the subject as a whole.
Questions such as definitions of standard terms, terminology, the concepts can be considered as this type.

The “Problem” Questions

These are a little more complicated, as they are not as straightforward as the theory questions. These questions test the true mettle of a programmer and are based on realistic situations. Answering these types of SQL interview questions correctly is crucial, as these will set you apart from the rest. They not only reveal your knowledge, but also showcase your awareness about using it in a professional capacity.

Preparing for SQL Interview questions

SQL Interview Questions

SQL is just like any other subject, so preparing for SQL interview questions has the same necessary steps as any other subject. One must have a firm grasp of the basics of the subject and the expected questions. Awareness about the latest developments and current trends are also necessary to nail the interview. Each question is designed to test you in different aspects. Therefore every answer counts.
Here are some of the common questions asked in SQL interviews.

  • Definitions and full forms of common terms like DBMS, RDBMS and so on
  • Keys, Joins, Normalisation and other technical terms along with their classifications
  • Query, Types of Queries
  • Commands, their functions and related questions
  • Performing various functions in SQL
  • Technical terminology and definitions
  • Basic programming questions to write queries or find outputs
  • Advanced applications for senior roles
  • ​Questions about experience in programming in SQL.​​

Here are examples of more advanced SQL interview questions.

Preparing for SQL Interview questions

The Verdict

SQL interviews can seem daunting at first, and prove to be impossible to conquer if unprepared. The subject has grown to be so important that it is now deemed as a must have for all Data analysts and scientists. Therefore, mastering it is of paramount importance for all aspirants. SQL interviews can easily be nailed with ample preparation and confidence.

Top SQL Interview Questions To Sail Through Interviews

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