Top 5 SQL Exercises


Are you planning to quick start your career? Do you wish to have some kind of technical job, or willing to have a sitting job in IT field? Then start learning SQL because the benefits of learning SQL are amazing and highly considerable and you can have a lucrative job by learning SQL.
SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used to retrieve data from databases in an easy manner and without writing too much code.

Benefits of Learning SQL:

1 Easy to Use
2.No Coding Required
3.High Speed
4.Open Source

Now when you have read the amazing benefits of SQL, you are ready to quick start SQL. StrataScratch is here to help you learn SQL for free, find some amazing Tutorials and Practice Exercises.
This tutorial is designed to guide you from the scratch. Here's the first practice set for you.

1. Basic SQL Exercise:

This section is aimed to provide you with the basics of SQL. The questions in this section are quite easy but are interesting enough to motivate you to learn at a high pace and solve problems quickly. In this Exercise use commands ‘SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY’.
To start this Exercise for free, you can check StrataScratch freemium access.

2. Basic SQL Exercise 2:

This section is in continuation of the first exercise to make your grasp bit stronger by applying some more commands in a bit challenging way. In this exercise you are required to use commands like ‘SELECT, FROM, HERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, LIMIT, DISTINCT, OR AND, AS, DESC, ASC, IN, HAVING. You will get enough examples and explanations to use all the commands and functions in our exercises / tutorials.

3. Advanced SQL Exercises:

Now if you think that the previous exercises were too basic or were just entry-level questions for you, don’t worry, here is a bit challenging and a new set of SQL Exercise. This set is intended for users who have cleared first two basic exercises. There are 15 tables used in this exercise. You have to use commands like ‘AVG, DATE, MAX, JOIN and many other. This can help to improve your skills.

4. SQL and Business Insights:

Now when you have got your basics clear so is the time to move one step further and try advanced SQL interview questions which are designed to challenge your analytical skills and solve actual business problems. This section provides you 6 different exercises.

5. Hotel Reviews Exercise:

This section is composed of questions related to Tourism and Business Management. In this Exercise, you have to use most of the commands which you have learnt in the basics and Advanced Sections but questions asked in this section are really challenging and tricky enough to use all your analytical skills.
Hope you enjoyed working on these Practice Exercises and learned all the basics and advanced SQL Queries. Stay connected with us for more Challenging Practice sheets. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback and comments for further improvements.


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