Master The Fundamentals Of Data Analytics For Business And Marketing


Nowadays, analytics is being considered as the core of every business. By gathering an immense amount of data from various business channels, we can get an insight into whether our marketing initiatives are indeed successful. The question is how can we turn these raw data into a form that can be understood by marketing professionals?

A few years back, database management has created a gap in the business and marketing world because professionals in this field are often not equipped with coding skills to manage database systems. Today, we are privileged to have access to tools that allow us to make our tasks easier.

StrataScratch is a platform curated to help business and marketing students or professionals make analytics easier even without advanced technical knowledge in programming. The platform is also equipped with features, such as graphical functions, easy-to-use SQL editor, and numerous datasets which you can use as practice or reference for your projects.

We have prepared a number of tutorials and exercises which you can use as a learning tool or a reference for projects. These contents are designed for both beginners and advanced learners. You can visit our website to gain access to all the materials needed to get you started.

Practice Problems for Business and Marketing Analytics

The best way to learn database coding is to actually apply what you have learned from the tutorials. To challenge your skills, we have prepared practice problems and exercises which you can try using our SQL editor. These problems are categorized as basic, intermediate, and advanced so that your learning experience becomes progressive.

​The problems and exercises challenge your basic skills in SQL and Python which includes applying basic syntax to access, transfer, and manipulate data. Some questions will also require you to visualize the result for you to gain insights and be able to find an answer to the problem.

Python and SQL Tutorials

We have added more tutorials to enhance your learning experience in Python and SQL. For example, we have included topics that cover SQL techniques for business analytics, data cleaning using Pandas, lambda functions and list comprehensions in Python, merging dataframes for data analysis, NumPy, and many others.

Access to Exercises Written in Python and SQL​

A lot of the exercises on our page are written in Python and SQL. For convenience, the exercises can be accessed through Google CoLab links and run using Jupyter notebooks. You don’t need to install any software since the code will run online. You may also have the option to download the files in ipynb format so you can open it offline using any compatible software installed in your computer.

Solve Case Studies with Any Programming Tools​

We have included case studies about business, medical appointments, and machine learning for those who are up for more challenge. These case studies are designed with open-ended questions to test your analysis and judgment. Moreover, you are given the choice to use any of your favorite tools, such as Python, R, and Tableau.

How to Access our Guides, Problem Sets, and Case Studies​

All our guides, practice problems, and case studies can be accessed under the Education tab of our website. Choose a category which you want to access to. This will lead you to our page with a list of available tutorials and exercises. Clicking a guide or exercise will open a new page. The guide contains the step by step tutorials about your chosen topic, such as how to use Strata Scratch and the basic tutorial on SQL. When you click on the exercises, a new page will open containing the questions linked to our Github and the solutions linked to our Google CoLab.

We hope you will find all of these materials and practice sets useful to enhance your data analytics skills. Enjoy!


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