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Hello World - The Case For Business & Marketing Analytics

In the business world, data is everything. We use business analytics and marketing analytics data to help us understand the market and our customers. Successful businesses are data-driven and integrate their data-driven decision making into their business processes. We’ve seen the continuous growth of the tech industry – think Facebook and Google – in part due to their data-driven approach to building and growing products.

Data itself has been democratized. Companies collect vast amounts of internal and external data. Data engineering and science teams are formed to help turn data into insights, and it’s becoming apparent that if you want to stay competitive in your career, you will need to develop enough technical capabilities to analyze large amounts of data using sophisticated and powerful tools beyond Excel.

How non-technical professionals build powerful business analytics and marketing analytics skills:

How does a non-technical professional build powerful business and marketing analytical skills? Most books and tools are written by engineers for engineers. We, at Strata Scratch, understand this problem. It’s impossible to find resources tailored to the non-technical professionals – there are no tools easy enough for novices; there are no guides and exercises written for business and marketing professionals that also leverage these powerful tools.

We hope to help the new business and marketing professionals. We have a tool easy enough for non-technical novices to use, with SQL and Python guides and exercises tailored to the business and marketing professional. We’ll keep posting here with useful advice for the data-driven marketing and business analytics professionals. We hope you follow along with us.