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Data Science - Yes, The Hottest Job Profile Demands SQL Skills

The twenty-first century is the age of information. The internet is now an essential part of human life, and some countries even see Right to Internet Access as inalienable. Knowledge is power, and information is the lifeblood of today’s world.
This level of connectivity has drastically changed the lifestyle of our generation. People are now more accustomed to using services online. Work, Shopping, Banking, and even social interactions are now ruled by the internet. In this day and age, an online presence is part and parcel of a healthy and interactive lifestyle.

The Growing Demand For Data Scientists

Data Scientists are in huge market today in all sectors. As computers have disrupted every primary industry in the world, experts on the subject are sought after in all areas. The same goes for Data Analytics, including but not restricted to Big Data.
All industries work based on and generate some amount of information regarding their products or their customers — for example, the healthcare industry. Terabytes of data related to innovations, medication, and patients are generated every year in this industry from research as well as day to day operations of establishments. The same can be extrapolated to any trades. Hence, Data Analysts and Scientists are needed in all fields in some capacity.

The Hottest Job Profile

It is no surprise that Data Scientist is a profession that is in demand in all fields. Every sector has its own share of digitization, and Data Analysts and Scientists are needed to look after their online presence and also make the most out of the virtual resources they have at their disposal. This is why Data Science has blown up as a hot topic in all sectors.
As far as the statistics go, all jobs that fit this profile demand basic computer programming skills as a prerequisite. It used to be that knowing SQL served as an added bonus point that put you above the competition. But the times have changed, and SQL has gone from an additional skill to a pre-requisite. It is widely accepted as the industry standard in domain-specific coding and is an unavoidable tool in the arsenal of every analyst.

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SQL in Data Sciences

With Data science disrupting every industry, the role of a Data Scientist is no longer just restricted to Computer Science. There is more demand for analysts, and their work is more oriented towards a practical purpose than research or programming. Their role is to work with the data generated by their respective industry, and this is where SQL programming proves to be useful.
SQL belongs to a class of programming languages called Declarative Programming, a language that uses declarations for coding and commands. The writing itself is easy to learn and understand, and there are not many commands to learn. It is a language that is more practical than others and can be mastered by those from non-technical backgrounds as well.

“Structured” Query Language

Basic SQL proficiency is required for Data Analysts due to the nature of the job. Most businesses find it easy to perceive data in a spreadsheet or table format, which calls for a language that works based on that structure. SQL fits this description and hence is widely accepted as the industry standard.
The spreadsheet format in which SQL structures data is similar to MS Excel or other spreadsheet programs, that are popular in business as well as management circles for storing and analyzing data manually. This popularity is exploited in SQL.​

Data Analytics In Other Industries

As explored earlier, the rising demand for Data Analysts in other industry is because of the disruption caused by the IT Industry in these sectors. Computers here are mainly used for storing and processing data that are harder to document manually. It also performs tasks like monitoring, tracking, performing simulations, designing, billing and so on. Almost all processes that are done using computers involve some form of Data generation, which has to be stored for later study.
In any case, most businesses end up generating and storing data in a tabular format. This is how SQL penetrated these industries, as it was created for this very purpose, of analyzing and handling such data.

SQL Proficiency: Staying A Step Ahead

SQL is a tool that has been relevant in the industry for decades and is not about to go obsolete anytime soon. Therefore, mastering it is in the best interest of all hopefuls that aspire to be a Data Scientist. SQL can be learned like any other subject, and the resources are all available online. SQL courses, SQL Problem sets, and SQL exercises are available online for studying and practice purposes.
SQL is like any other tool, and hence it serves best when it is at maximum sharpness. Therefore, regular practice is necessary to become proficient in the subject. Also, it is essential that every aspirant learns about the latest developments, and keeps expanding their knowledge on the subject.