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Best SQL Interview Modules

Do you have a passion to work with data and want to pursue a career as a web developer, data analyst, business analyst or a data scientist? If yes, then it becomes imperative that you must master the basic SQL concepts.

It would not be wrong to say that SQL skills have become indispensable in most of the job roles. Being the most ‘in demand’ database programming language, knowing beforehand what kind of questions are asked during a job interview can definitely give you an idea on the level of preparation you need in order to get your dream job.

We have SQL interview modules that consist of real-life questions from top technology companies that can boost up your interview preparation. These questions can definitely help all aspiring data analysts, web developers, and data scientists in acing their technical interviews.

How can Strata Scratch platform help you?

Proficiency in SQL along with an analytical bent of mind can definitely help you to achieve your career goals. The recruiters mostly look out for professionals who have expertise in the subject. So in order to crack the interview we have incorporated the frequently asked interview questions on SQL.

Our endeavor has always been to help and guide the aspiring professionals in this field. Keeping this in mind this new feature which we have added in our SQL educational modules contains SQL interview questions from top tech companies like; Facebook, Yelp, Google, and AirBnB.

Using Strata Scratch’s SQL interview modules to enhance your skills

The SQL interview questions from these top technology companies are real questions that are typically used in interviews and in their daily lives. We start with basic SQL questions and then allow the users to gradually graduate to more advanced techniques. Most importantly, all the questions are relevant to working at real companies, so that your skills are directly applicable.

The SQL questions and answers incorporated in the module are from HackerRank and LeetCode. These two are the top sites that currently help technical professionals with their interview preparations.

The modules are user-friendly, you simply need to login and click on the SQL exercises. You will see the following screen -

Then you can run a query on the above screen, for instance- AirBnB, and it will display the results as follows -

One the left-hand side of the screen under the educational tracks you can find the SQL interview questions.

You can then select the option SQL interview questions under the education tracks and then view the interview questions pertaining to that company under education modules.

Ace the game with SQL interview modules

As a young professional, when you are new to the job market or when you look out for a new job and expand your skill sets, we know how hard it is to find resources that can help you in improving your technical capabilities. Most of the resources are often too technical or they are irrelevant to the interview process.

However, at Strata Scratch we have designed our SQL interview modules specifically for professionals who are looking to pick up new SQL skills or want to improve on their existing SQL skill set.

So go ahead and achieve your career goals today!