7 Unknown Applications Of Data Science

Unknown Applications Of Data Science

As a prominent characteristic in the application of Information Technology, data science has managed to disrupt several industries in the virtual space as well as the real world. Though the improvements it has made for the virtual sector is vast, it is also rather apparent that it would hugely disrupt those industries.
Data Science companies are flourishing due to the demand for their services. However, all sectors require experts in the field. With the right training in data science applications and Python tutorials, anyone can exploit this demand to a certain extent.

Weather Forecasting

As a branch of science that is traditionally speculative, Meteorology uses the existing data available to them to create reasonably accurate forecasts. This branch of science relies on vast amounts of data to be analyzed quickly and accurately, ranging from the readouts of instruments to the climate patterns of the past. The advent of modern equipment has allowed them to get more accurate readings of parameters such as wind speed, temperature and humidity, but the scientists find it hard to take all essential factors into account. This is a primary reason for inaccuracies that prevail in meteorology.
Data scientists can create programs powerful enough to gather and analyze all this data to create accurate simulations of the next probable weather. Even global occurrences like climate change can be accounted for while doing this, which makes it a revolutionary addition to the sector. Data science can disrupt meteorology to a large extent, creating both short term and long term charts that can produce accurate prediction models.

Medical Industry

The medical care sector is a fundamental part of any working community. It is, therefore, necessary for this sector to keep up with the growing demands of the public.
The daily operation of a hospital relies on doctors making accurate diagnoses and prescribing the correct treatment. For this, precise patient data must be kept and updated regularly. Modern technology enables the staff to take numerous scans and test results to help them, but this data can be a headache to store and protect. Data Scientist can develop various means to store as well as transfer this data without much hassle.
Data Science also becomes crucial in medical research, where gigabytes of information about the patient or a drug becomes vital. For example, the Human Genome Project and various other studies in genetics rely on machines for collecting and sorting through the data. Data science powered by ML/DL/AI algorithms and python applications is crucial in this aspect, and without the advancements in that field, studying our genes would be a pipe dream.

Retail Sector

The retail sector is growing fast as the consumers and their consumption increases. This field is a gold mine of revenue, for all goods and in all places. In this situation, keeping track of sales for various products are getting more troublesome.
With the help of data analytics, retailers can now keep tabs on their sales, calculate the turnover and profit, and even find out what sells more at a specific time of the year. Measures like this help the store-owner to maximise their profit and optimise sales tactics, improve marketing, and get customer feedback. This results in an improved quality of services and hence, more gain.

Stock Market

The share market is another sector that thrives on accurate predictions and speculations. It also forms the backbone of the economy for many developed as well as developing countries. The stock market also faces a tremendous influx of data, mainly as numbers and names of various trades that occur daily. The trend in the market also affects how future trades are made. In this scenario, there is a necessity to get the information and analyse it as fast as possible to make investments or jump ship as quickly as possible. Accuracy and speed are the vital elements required to make a successful trade.
Data Science in this scenario becomes crucial as the scientific discipline that can analyse the stock market. Unlike the chaotic storm that is the trading of the bygone era, the firms of today use data science to their advantage. By analyzing the vast amounts of data flowing in daily, as well as previous patterns and outcomes under similar situations, the scientist can give the possible projections which will help make trading more profitable.


Logistics involve transport and delivery of goods from location to location. In the past, the primary concern for logistics companies was the bulk transfer, import and export of various goods and products. However, with the rising popularity of online shopping, the distance between the consumer and the seller increases every day. This has rejuvenated Logistics and has taken them in another direction altogether.
Data Science allows companies to keep track of their deliveries and centralize the process of data collection. This is beyond just schedules and billing. The right framework and scientific expertise can allow them to work ahead of schedule, finding faster routes and optimising their delivery at every stage.


Targeted advertising is frequent nowadays. Each user gets advertisements based on the data collected from them, and the advertised goods range from items on offers to necessities. The data collected from users is analysed to draw up the list of possible things they will be interested in.
Data Science is used to analyse the data generated by the individual and give out the most probable suggestions that the target is likely to buy. A similar principle is also behind apps such as Spotify and YouTube, suggesting content to users.

Air transportation

Air transport can be quite a hassle under the wrong circumstances. With hundreds of planes taking off from and landing in airports, each plane carrying tens of lives as well as expensive cargo, one mishap could lead to disastrous consequences.
Data Science is used in air travel to chart courses as well as schedules. A large airport expects hundreds of domestic and international arrivals each day and about the same refuelling and taking off. A machine is capable of scheduling them without clashing and charting safe courses for all. It can also be used to calculate parameters such as flight time, speed, fuel consumption, and optimal path by avoiding turbulence, undesirable weather and oncoming aircraft.

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The Verdict

As the branch of science that deals with data, Data Science is dominant at any and every field that involves using information. Be it problem-solving, optimization or predictive analysis; all sectors require the services that a data scientist provides.
Languages like python form the backbone of data science and is in great demand in the market. Grab the best python tutorials today and start your data science journey today.

Unknown Applications Of Data Science

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