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StrataScratch is an educational platform enabling students and professionals to improve their technical skills. By providing data science questions sourced from real companies across industries, StrataScratch enables you to improve your technical skills that will directly be valuable to your career

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Our Mission

To provide the building blocks for a strong technical foundation in data science


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Our Story

StrataScratch started in 2017 with the goal of helping students and professionals new to the world of analytics. We found that while it was easy to find resources for those interested in becoming a developer, it was difficult to find tailored content for those interested in analytics. It was difficult to figure out what tools analysts in industry use and what type of problems they deal with on a daily basis.

Our interest is to help those that may not come from a technical background pursue a career in analytics:

  • Get started and acclimated with technical tools used in industry
  • Gain experience with real world analytical questions that would be found during the interview process and on the job

Our focus is to provide a positive experience for people new to analytics that involves understanding what a career in analytics (e.g., marketing analytics, business analytics, data science, and product analytics) entails from tools used in industry to how to approach and solve analytical problems in industry.

We are an international team of data scientists, marketing analysts, developers, and university professors with decades of industry experience that aims to be by your side through your career.

The StrataScratch Team


What makes makes you different from your competitors?

  1. Online education is a saturated space with options for different learning styles and goals. Many of our competitors offer video and how-to tutorials, and focus on teaching an individual technical concepts from the ground up. StrataScratch is different because we offer real interview questions from real companies. We think that practicing real questions not only prepares you for any upcoming interview but it also helps you improve your technical skills in a practical way that can be leveraged in your job.
  2. You'll notice that we don't have videos or teach our students SQL and python from scratch. We assume you have a basic knowledge of the language and through repetition of our 1000 interview questions, coding will become second nature to you, which is crucial to succeed on an interview or to be great at your job.
  3. We're not testing merely on technical concepts like how to properly join two datasets or how to use a PARTITION OVER(), we're testing on how to think about the solving a question that might be posed to you in industry. For example, what are trade-offs of using an INNER JOIN vs LEFT JOIN? What additional information might you gain from the LEFT JOIN? How does that impact your recommendation? These are all questions you'd have to think about to be a great analyst or data scientist.
  4. Lastly, our problem sets are organized by industry like business and tech. Out in the real world, data and its structure are different depending on the type of company. Business questions that an analyst and data scientist would answer are different depending on industry. So it makes sense for someone with a basic knowledge of SQL and python to focus on industry and market specific datasets and questions.

Who would benefit most from using StrataScratch?

Our platform contains real interview questions from real companies so anyone searching for a job and preparing for interviews are perfect candidates to benefit from StrataScratch. In addition, since these are real questions from companies, anyone looking to improve their analytical skills, whether a student or a professional, can leverage our platform since our exercises would match perfectly with the type of questions you'd be tasked to answer in industry.

What other tools are you releasing in the future?

We build tools for data scientists by data scientists. All our tools and features in the platform are requests from our users so we do our best not to build anything a data scientist or analyst wouldn't use.

We focus on building tools to help you get a job and be better on the job. ‚ÄčIf you have any recommendation for features and tools, please email

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